ALTER Dance Theatre was formed in 1985 by master of movement Witold Jurewicz - Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer. ALTER performances are based on dancers' individual ways of moving, quests, creations of characters and onstage relations. Abstraction and symbolism of artistic expression as well as perpetual search for new movement possibilities contribute to disclosing dancers` personalities and enhancing their creative potentials.

ALTER is committed to the continuous creative process that makes our performances evolve endlessly. Since the goal is never to create a closed and absolute form, neither ALTER stage productions nor other site-specific performances are classic choreographies. It is the creative path - an aim in itself that is the key to ALTER work.

ALTER does not rely on one set technique. It is rather devoted to forming movement and creating idiosyncratic stage language. Apart from specific dance and movement techniques, improvisation and contact improvisation, ALTER dance trainings focus on the use of unconventional methods based on the individual approach to each and every dancer.

ALTER has been cooperating with other Polish contemporary artists - musicians and photographers. Original music to ALTER productions has been created by Jan Smoczynski - pianist and composer, and photography exhibitions accompanying ALTER dance events taken by Katarzyna Madziala - photographer.

Apart from artistic activities, Alter is dedicated to extensive educational work addressed to various target groups. Owing to broad experience and thorough pedagogical training, ALTER dancers give classes and workshops in a number of dance and movement techniques.

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