Underpinning the artistic activities of ALTER is its commitment to extensive education work directed at people of all ages, i.e. children, the youth, and adults. ALTER also offers a range of classes for dancers and actors.

With extensive experience, ALTER dancers give classes in the technique of movement, improvisation, contact improvisation, modern jazz, hip hop (poppin, lockin), the Argentinean tango, national dances and eurhythmics. They also teach movement classes to actors and singers.

Owing to broad theoretical knowledge of dance kinesiology, didactics and methodology of work with children and youth dance companies, ALTER dancers give seminars and lectures, as well as workshops in the methodology of the abovementioned movement techniques.

ALTER's offer includes the following:

  • Witold Jurewicz - technique of movement and its methodology, theory of movement, improvisation, body conditioning; e-mail: alter@plusnet.pl
  • Izabela Chlewinska - eurhythmics, stage movement, contemporary dance; izabela-chlewinska@wp.pl
  • Pawel Skalski - the Argentinian tango, national dances and national dance methodology; e-mail: hammleth@poczta.onet.pl
  • Aleksandra Scibor - contemporary dance, contact improvisation, improvisation, dance and movement; e-mail: amscibor@yahoo.com
  • Mariola Benesz - contemporary dance, hatha yoga, yoga with the elements of kundalini yoga; e-mail: mariolabenesz@gmail.com
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