Witold Jurewicz

Teacher, choreographer, director and performer. Instructor at the Academy of Music (Department of Choreography) in Lodz, Performing Arts School in Kalisz, and courses for contemporary dance teachers all over Poland. Founder, artistic director and choreographer of Alter Dance Theatre. Between 1992 and 2008 artistic director of the International Presentations of Contemporary Dance Forms in Kalisz. Author of contemporary dance teaching programme, movement theory and movement technique. Jurewicz Movement Technique (JMT) is based on the point of support as the starting point for movement adjusted to individual motor skills. Jurewicz has cooperated closely with theatres throughout Poland, i.e. Jaracz Theatre in Lodz, Boguslawski Theatre in Kalisz, Slowacki Theatre in Cracow, Polish Theatre in Poznan, and Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica. He takes part in numerous performances, dance and theatre projects; and leads workshops throughout Poland and abroad.

Izabela Chlewinska (1980)

Dancer, choreographer, teacher. Izabela graduated from the Academy of Music (Eurhythmics Department) and completed a course for contemporary dance instructors in Lodz. Currently, she teaches at the National School for Culture Workers in Kalisz. Izabela joined ALTER in 2004. She received an individual award for the performance "The Claw" directed by Witold Jurewicz. Izabela has been constantly exploring dance and improvisation. She has participated in classes led by Jess Curtis, Keith Hennesy, Ray Chang and Mans Erlandsson; and taken part in coaching projects led by Michael Schumacher and Palle Dyrvalle in "Stary Browar" (Old Brewery, Poznan, 2007). Between 2004-2007 she participated in and performed at the Ponderosa Dance Festival and International Contact Festival in Germany. She has been cooperating with a photographer Katarzyna Madziala and a pianist/composer Jan Smoczynski.

Aleksandra Scibor (1980)

Dancer, performer, teacher and translator. Ola graduated from the School of English (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, specialization: conference interpreting) and Postgraduate Studies for Culture Managers (School of Economics, Warsaw). She holds a diploma of a contemporary dance teacher. It was Kama Jankowska and Witold Jurewicz that introduced her to dance and movement. In 2005 she joined Alter Dance Theatre. Ola has trained with, among others, Georg Blaschke, Nigel Charnock, Ray Chung, Frey Faust, Juha Pekka-Marsalo, Iwona Olszowska and David Zambrano. She has been practicing contemporary dance, contact improvisation, improvisation, authentic movement and physical dance; and exploring translation process of the technical language of dance. She cooperates with the Foundation Kino Tanca (Dance Cinema, www.kinotanca.pl) and Project Salsa (www.projectsalsa.pl) in Lodz. She co-creates www.contactimprovisation.eu.

Pawel Skalski

Pawel Skalski is a graduate of the Warsaw University. Pawel completed a two year course for contemporary dance instructors in Warsaw. He was a dancer of the song and dance company of the Warsaw University. He took part in over 200 concerts and performances in Poland and all over the world. He is a vice-champion of Poland and a participant of 23 tournaments of the Polish Folk Dance. Pawel gives classes and workshops of the Argentinean tango. He joined Alter in 2005.

Agnieszka Muczyn (1984)

Agnieszka comes from Ketrzyn [northeastern Poland], where she danced in a contemporary dance company for six years. She graduated from the National School for Culture Workers in Kalisz. She is a student of physiotherapy at the Higher School of Pedagogy and Administration in Poznan. She joined Alter in 2005.

Wojciech Laba (1985)

Wojtek danced in a show dance company "T-8" in Rzeszow [south-eastern Poland]. He is a contemporary dance educator. Between 2005 and 2006 Wojtek danced in a show dance company "Kalisz-fornia". Presently, he studies at the National Higher School of Professional Education in Kalisz. He joined Alter in 2005.

Mariola Benesz (1979)

Dancer, performer, contemporary dance and hatha yoga teacher. Her adventure with dance started with a contemporary dance company Studnia. Mariola joined Alter in 2007, and the Academic Dance Theatre of the Academy of Music in Lodz in 2009. She has trained under the guidance of Anna Wytych-Wierzgacz, Witold Jurewicz and Jacek Owczarek; and participated in classes led by Ray Chung, Jozef Frucek and Juha-Pekko Marsalo. She takes part in numerous dance festivals and workshops all over Poland and abroad.

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