Photos: Katarzyna Madziała
  • Choreographed by: Witold Jurewicz
  • Performed by: Dawid Lorenc - guest appearance, Wojciech Łaba, Igor Podsiadły - guest appearance, Aleksandra Ścibor
  • Light design: Damian Pawella
  • Costume design: Katarzyna Stochalska-Pawella
  • Music: Elżbieta Aleksandrowicz, Jacek Partyka, Artur Zagajewski
  • Photos: Katarzyna Madziała
  • Run time: 50 min

It has an end and a beginning.
Four bodies move,
make shapes,
change space and rhythm,
use force.
It is beautiful and sometimes even pleasant.

And what...

Photos: Dawid Koniecki and Jakub Wittchen
  • Conceived and performed by: Mariola Benesz and Aleksandra Ścibor
  • Directed by: Witold Jurewicz
  • Photos: Dawid Koniecki
  • Run time: 30 min

two beings
two persons
two women

meet in the same space
each brings her own world with her
the world completely different from the other's.

The Best

  • Conceived and performed by: Witold Jurewicz
  • Run time: 25min

Be up for a lot.
Some spectators may come to your performance.
Still you can never be sure why they do so.

Shitty Dance Shitty

Photos: Katarzyna Madziała
  • Choreographed and directed by: Witold Jurewicz
  • Performed by: Mariola Benesz, Izabela Chlewinska, Agnieszka Muczyn, Aleksandra Scibor, Maciej Kuzminski, Wojciech Laba, Pawel Skalski
  • Music: collage
  • Photos: Katarzyna Madziala
  • Run time: 50 min

The performance is neither about love, friendship and spirituality, nor is it about human feelings and emotions...

f r A g m E n t

Photos: Katarzyna Madziala and Patrick Beelaert
  • Conceived and performed by: Izabela Chlewinska
  • Music: Jan Smoczynski
  • Artistic assistant: Witold Jurewicz
  • Photos: Katarzyna Madziala
  • Run time: ~ 12 min

let's assume that happened sometime yesterday...
a story of some fragment...
short fragmented fragment...
wouldn't you like to be fragmented?

What would you do if you could do what you can't do...

Photos: Katarzyna Madziala
  • Conceived and performed by: Izabela Chlewinska, Aleksandra Scibor, Kama Jankowska - guest appearance, Krzysztof Skolimowski - guest appearance
  • Directed by: Witold Jurewicz
  • Music: Jan Smoczynski
  • Run time: ~ 40 min


  • Directed by: Witold Jurewicz
  • Performers: Magdalena Bartczak, Agnieszka Muczyn, Michal Guzenda, Wojciech Laba
  • Music: Fryderyk Chopin
  • Run time: ~ 30 mins

Cow Barn

Photos: Marcin Wozniak
  • Conceived and performed by: ALTER
  • Music: Farmers Market
  • Run time" ~ 15 min

Sin Piel

Photos: unknown author
  • Choreographed and performed by: Izabela Chlewinska, Magdalena Witwicka
  • Music: Murcoff, Bogdan Holownia
  • Run time: 30 min
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